How to Login to your Comcast Email Account?

Up to seven Comcast Webmail can be made using one Xfinity subscription. Now to use Webmail one must know about the Comcast email login. For this you need to read and follow the steps given below carefully. 

  • The first thing you need is to log in to 
  •  The next step we need to follow is to press the “Menu icon” which will be present on the screen. 
  •  When the drop down menu appears, you have to choose the Email link. 
  • At the sign in screen you need to enter your Xfinity username (email address) and its password. 
  •  You are now logged in to the Comcast Email Account. You can also login in to your account through email login

Now, if you wish to sign in into your Comcast Mailbox, it is not a hard task. You just need to Login first using your User name and password. Then a random question or some pattern might be asked to you to make sure you are a genuine person and not a robot or some automatic tool. 

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