Best Torrent Sites to Download E-Books and Audiobooks

Most people prefer E-books since there is no need for us to carry them everywhere we go. All of a sudden when we feel like reading it, we can just click on our e-books and start reading it. 

It is can be easily accessed in your mobile and your laptops. Torrent best sites are always popular among people who have a huge craze on movies, cartoons, anime movies, sports and even book readers since it is available free and at a glimpse of a thought, we can check out our favorite content that we need to look at. 

Top Three Torrent E-books Sites:

1. Planet eBook:

    It has a mobile friendly design and it is the latest version of the site, which has a multi-format of eBooks. This library has almost 50,000 titles and it is available free. 

 2. TorrentDownloads:

    It is one of the best and has 16,000 torrent categories, which are read by different people from those who watch movies to those who read e-books. 

3. Zlibrary:

    More than 2.6 million people visit the site in a month. Even those writers who are little writers, critics leave their work here and in turn resulting in discussion of the community of people. 

Torrent Download E-Books are also available in some torrent sites. Therefore, even if you do not have an internet connection, you can read the eBooks that you have already downloaded.  

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